UPayCard online casinos Australia

UPayCard online casinos Australia

Unfortunately UPayCard is no longer available to Australian players, but you can choose from:

UPayCard is another decent solution for an Australian gambler. Among online casinos reviewed on AUCasinosOnline, there are casinos that accept UPayCard as a payment option. This is good news because it is a safe, fast and user-friendly service which offers diverse and innovative tools.

UPayCard in a nutshell

UPayCard is a global service that is based in the United Kingdom and is properly registered and licensed by Her Majesty’s Government for carrying out the business of international money transfers and dealing with electronic money. It is legitimate in Australia as a payment method in general and as a payment option for online casinos as well. Wherever you see a UPayCard logo on an online casino website, you may be sure this solution is available. Read below how it works, how much it costs and what its strong and weak sides are. Then make up your mind and take a well-informed decision. UPayCard combines features of a traditional e-wallet, a prepaid reloadable debit card – physical or virtual – and a cryptocurrency wallet. Each component in this combination adds its unique functions so this is really a great system. Besides, UPayCard applies no charges for signing up and/or for the most popular transactions, sending and receiving; as for other transactions, it charges fairly competitive fees. It works with different currencies including AUD so you may select AUD as your primary currency and avoid foreign exchange fees. Signing up with UPayCard is free and does not require any approvals or credit checks; the only thing you must confirm is your identity. As soon as you register with UPayCard and provide some basic personal information to confirm your identity and address, you may avail yourself of the complete range of services including fiat money and cryptocurrency transfers beyond the traditional banking system, without burdensome paperwork, annoying checks and with no queues and delays. So, UPayCard is a service allowing you to deposit money and cryptocurrencies to your online casino account promptly and safely. You may also use your UPayCard account for making withdrawals of your online casino winnings. In the process of signing up and funding your UPayCard account, you will see that the system takes all the stringent measures to protect your privacy, personal data, account and funds from being stolen, cloned or used without your permission. Your account is safe and secure and your information is carefully encrypted and inaccessible to third parties, unless you disclose it by yourself.

UPayCards: options, opportunities and fees

Having signed up with UPayCards and provided the required information, you become a holder of a UPayCard account in a selected currency. From now on, whenever you use the UPayCard account for depositing or withdrawing funds you will not have to enter or share with anyone your personal or financial information. There is a vast array of options for loading a UPayCard account with money including credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers, e-wallets and cryptocurrency wallets. Each option is explained in simple terms in step-by-step manuals published on https://upaycard.com/, so you will not encounter any difficulties. If you will, their Customer Support is at your service 24/7 via Chat Line. Note that certain fees may be imposed on a transaction depending on the options you choose. The complete list of fees is available on the UPayCard website – check it before choosing an option or ask the Customer Support. This is the moment when the primacy of UPayCard over the traditional banking system becomes clear. It takes several business days to have your UPayCard account credited with the funds you have sent from your bank account. And it takes no time at all to deposit funds from your UPayCard account to your online casino real-money balance. Enter your online casino dashboard, navigate to the Deposit menu (or the section that serves the similar purpose), check if it accepts UPayCard as a payment option and select it. Then specify the amount and currency. The system asks you to enter your UPayCard login name and password and as soon as you enter the required information, the money appears at your online casino balance in a matter of seconds and free of charge (unless a casino charges some fees on depositing. Make sure to check the online casino Banking page for related fees in advance). Now you can bet real money and enjoy gambling. You may also use your UPayCard account for storing cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and Ripple) and for depositing these cryptocurrencies to an online casino. BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and BCH are subject to processing fees. The complete list of fees and effective rates are always on display in the Fees section of the UPayCard website. A UPayCard account also supports transfers of money and cryptocurrencies between UpayCard accounts. Your UPayCard account performs currency exchange operations and you may convert AUD into cryptocurrencies and vice versa. When it comes to withdrawals, UPayCard account works perfectly if the withdrawal policy of an online casino provides for UPayCard as an option. As soon as you feel like cashing out your winnings, enter your online casino account, choose the Withdrawal menu, select UpayCard as an option, specify the amount and follow the instructions. Receiving funds on your UPayCard account is free but you must be aware of charges applied on withdrawal by some online casinos. Withdrawal of funds from an online casino account to a UPayCard account takes seconds. There is a delay when it comes to transferring funds from a UPayCard account to a bank account. It may take up to several business days before funds arrive due to very strict and multi-level security procedure designed to protect your data and funds from errors and illegal actions. Besides UPayCard, money transfers are handled by intermediaries and your own bank, and the delays caused by them are beyond UPayCard control. You may withdraw funds from a UPayCard account to a bank or PayPal account and also load them to your physical or virtual UPayCard prepaid card. Withdrawal of funds from a UPayCard account is subject to a fee which may be set as a fixed monetary value or some percentage of a withdrawn amount depending on the option you select, so it is advisable to check it in advance. Your UPayCard account is fully available even when you are on the move: download an app on your iOS or Android mobile device and feel free to use UPayCard account from anywhere 24/7. You may also have a physical or virtual UpayCard issued. In essence this is a debit prepaid card and is not constantly linked to your UPayCard account, allowing access to the amount you have manually loaded to your card from the UPayCard account. It is a reloadable card and is accepted in millions of land-based stores, POS’s and ATMs worldwide as well as by online vendors and casinos. There is one thing you have to know about UPayCard prepaid reloadable cards, physical or virtual: there are fees and limits on transactions with cards, the complete list of which is available on the UPayCard website. No limits apply when it goes about UPayCard accounts, so consider this and decide which option suits you best.

Pros and cons of UPayCard

There are several tangible advantages that make UPayCard a preferred option for Australian gamblers. First of all, it is a safe service following the most stringent rules and procedures to ensure your privacy and security. Second, your UPayCard account is not linked to your bank account so you will be dealing with online casinos accepting UPayCard via your UPayCard account only, without disclosing any sensitive information. The service is really swift and expedient. As soon as you top up your UPayCard account with funds, it takes a few simple steps and no time to deposit funds on your online casino account. A single UPayCard account supports transactions with fiat money and cryptocurrencies so for gamblers using both types of money it is a one-stop shopping. Withdrawal of funds from online casino accounts is very simple and takes seconds. An efficient app for iOS/Android devices makes UPayCard a truly mobile payment option which is always in your pocket. Signing up with UPayCard and maintaining the account is free. It is free even if your account goes dormant and becomes inactive because of any reason. Fees and charges applied to transactions are competitive as compared to these in other similar services or more traditional payment methods like debit and credit cards issued by banks. The last but not the least is an interesting system of rewards: referring UPayCards to your friends entitles you to a lifetime bonus on their activities. This means each time a user you have referred the system to performs a transaction, you earn a commission. There are also some features to be aware of:
  1. Applicable fees vary across transactions so it is strongly recommended to check fees beforehand to have clear understanding of how much you will actually receive after the fee is deducted.
  2. The system, which is extremely fast, cooperates with traditional, slower systems such as banks, so in some cases there are delays in delivering transactions to a recipient.
  3. UPayCard is a newcomer on the market and as such it has not yet established its omnipresence and there are not many UPayCard casinos suitable for Australian gamblers. But this is a teething problem which is going to be cured soon.
To sum up, UPayCard is a valuable payment method suitable for Australian gamblers from a legal and practical point of view. It combines features of a full-fledged e-wallet, prepaid debit card, cryptocurrency wallet and currency converter. It is user-friendly, secure and fast. As a newcomer on the market it is not very widespread so far but it looks like nothing is going to stop it from taking its share.
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