Online Baccarat for Real Money in Australian Online Casinos

Online Baccarat for Real Money in Australian Online Casinos

Despite having a reputation as a complicated game, only left for high rollers, online casino baccarat in Australia has to be one of the easiest table games you can learn to play. Easy in that you can make only three bets; bet that the player or banker will be the winner, or the result will end as a tie. When you bet on the player, it means the player will have the highest number of points after the draw. The opposite is true when you bet on the banker. If you wager on a tie, you are essentially betting the outcome will see the player and banker having the same points.

That is all that’s all you need to know about the baccarat online casino game to get started. However, to have the best and smooth possible experience, you must understand how the points are determined, the different types of side bets you can make, and the different formats of baccarat online. This page has this information, plus more. If you are already familiar with the game’s rules and searching for the best online baccarat casino to visit in Australia, you are also covered. Discover platforms that have been tried and tested by experts. The recommendations put across have been subjected to hours and days of testing.

Best Online Casinos to Play Baccarat JUNE 2024

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4Golden CrownGolden Crown ReviewUnlock up to AU$1000 on your first deposit
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5Stay CasinoStay Casino ReviewUp to AU$5000 + 300FS
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6RollinoRollino ReviewGrab the massive bonus pack of AU$9910!
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7Oh My SpinsOh My Spins ReviewUnlock up to AU$750 on your first deposit!
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8Slots GallerySlots Gallery ReviewUp to AU$3000 total welcome pack!
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9BitdreamsBitdreams ReviewGet up to AU$10,000 on your first three deposits!
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10BohoBoho ReviewUp to AU$5250 welcome package!
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11Joo CasinoJoo Casino ReviewGet up to AU$1500 + 100 FS
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12Casino RocketCasino Rocket Reviewup to AU$1500 + 150 FS
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13Wild FortuneWild Fortune ReviewUnlock AU$2000 on three initial deposits!
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14PlayAmoPlayAmo ReviewGet AU$1500 bonus + 150 FS
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15Woo CasinoWoo Casino ReviewAU$1300 + 800 free spins
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16OzwinOzwin Review200% bonus up to AU$4000 + 100 FS
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About online baccarat

Online casinos have changed the lives of gamblers worldwide. They have simplified how the once difficult-to-access games can be played. You no longer have to dress in a certain way or have a membership to access a casino. Games such as baccarat, which were once exclusive for high rollers, can also be played by everyone, all thanks to online baccarat. Traditionally, you’d play a handful of baccarat games at land-based casinos. This, however, is not the case anymore. Since online casinos are not limited by space, they can host many baccarat games. A classic game can come in different formats, making it possible for you to pick one that suits your tastes.

It gets better with the baccarat game online. Thanks to promotions and bonuses, you can now play some of these games using the house’s money and win real money in return. However, the bonuses and winnings from them are subject to T&Cs that you must fulfil before withdrawing/using them. One aspect that land-based casinos have always outshone their online counterparts is delivering the social aspect of the games. But not anymore. You can comfortably enjoy baccarat games online from the couch of your home as if you were at the brick-and-mortar casino. 

Online baccarat interface

  • Online baccarat interface
  • Online baccarat interface
  • Online baccarat interface
  • Online baccarat interface

Rules of online baccarat

Developing an online baccarat winning strategy starts as soon as you’ve familiarised yourself with the game’s basic rules. It’s not just in baccarat but any online casino game you play. As stated, the rules are pretty straightforward, even for a beginner. You will be betting on three possible outcomes, which are determined by the value of the cards dealt to the hand. 

Game’s objective

The game’s objective is to bet on the hand you think will have points as close as possible to 9. The points are determined after summing up the value of cards dealt to the player and banker. 

Value of cards

Unlike poker or blackjack, the value of baccarat cards is determined differently. Cards 2-9 retain their face value. 10, K, Q, and J are worth nothing, while an Ace is worth 1. Pretty simple, right? Well, it is, but there is more to determining the points of a hand. When the player’s hand is dealt, say, a 9 and 5, the hand value is not 14, but 4. This is because only the last value of the total number of points is considered, which is 4. If you get an 8 and 7, the true value is 5, not 15. 

Online baccarat gameplay

Your biggest headache while playing at an online casino with baccarat games is determining the best bet to play. If you are playing an RNG-based game, there are three options that you must pick from; a tie, player, or banker’s bet, and they are all labelled on the screen. Pick one or two options by placing your chip(s) on the section on the table and hit the deal button. 

Cards will automatically be dealt to both hands, and the winner will be determined based on the total number of points. During normal gameplay, the hand with the highest points close to 9 after the four, five or six cards are dealt wins. Winnings will be paid out and automatically updated in your real money balance.

Some would rather play the live version of the game. The only thing that changes is that after placing your bet, the dealer takes over the game’s action, just like at a brick-and-mortar casino. 

Third card rule

After you draw four cards and there is still no winner, a third card is dealt, but only under these circumstances. There are rules that have to be followed for the player and banker hands. 

Player third card rules in baccarat are as follows: 

  • If the player’s points are worth five or below, a third card will automatically be dealt unless, of course, the banker has a natural
  • If the player has six or seven points, and the banker has five points or less, a third card will automatically be awarded to the banker.

If the player receives the third card, banker rules must be followed. They are as follows:

  • If the player is dealt a 2 or 3, the banker will draw the third card if the total of the two cards is between 0-4. The banker stands if the total is 5-7
  • If the player draws a 4 or 5, the banker will draw the third card when the total of the two cards is between 0-5 and stand when the total is 6 or 7
  • If the player draws a 6 or 7, the banker must draw if the total is between 0-6. A total of 7 require the banker to stand
  • If the player will draw an 8 as the third card, the banker will only draw a third card if the total of the two cards is between 0 and 2. A total of 3-7 will see the banker stand
  • Lastly, if the player draws an Ace, 9, 10 or a face card as the third card, the banker is required to draw if the total is 0-3. A total hand value of 4-7 requires the banker to stand

Online baccarat odds and payouts

Like learning the rules, understanding online baccarat odds and payouts is crucial in determining the best strategy to use playing the game. Needless to say, the odds and payouts in online baccarat vary depending on the bet you pick. 

  • Player bet

    This is the bet that determines whether the third card will be drawn. The biggest advantage of the player bet is its ability to offer a 1:1 full payout. There is no commission charged. When you choose this bet, you have a 44.63% chance of winning, which is slightly lower than the banker’s bet.

  • Banker bet

    The banker bet pays 1:1 but has a 5% commission fee. However, the commission is usually not paid all the time. Some games, such as no-commission baccarat, charge zero winning fees. This bet is handicapped since it wins more than it loses, offering you a 45.86% chance of winning. 

  • Tie bet

    Thrill seekers, risk takers, and anyone who lives by the sword’s edge is welcome to take on the tie bet. When you decide to place it, just remember that it has a mere 9.52% chance of happening. If you are lucky to win it, you receive a payout of 8:1.

Baccarat Bet Types and RTP

Bet Type RTP Percentage
Banker 98.94%
Player 98.76%
Tie 85.64%
Banker Pair 89.64%
Player Pair 89.64%
Perfect Pair 91.95%
Either Pair 86.29%
Big 95.65%
Small 95.65%

Side bets in online baccarat

Although the basic gameplay of baccarat is straightforward to everyone, there are side bets in certain game versions meant to provide extra excitement and better odds. Like anything in online gambling that offers better odds, the risk-reward level is high. So, when placing any of the side bets below, you must stake your money with caution.

  • Dragon bonus

    When you place a dragon bonus side bet, you are basically betting on who has the higher points – the player or the banker. The difference in the points between the hands will determine the bonus amount. For example, a win by 1 point will see an x1 multiplier. A win by 5 points will see an x2 multiplier. Win by 6 points will see an x4 multiplier, etc.

  • Big/small

    In this, you are betting on the total number of cards that the banker or player will receive. The “Big” bet wins when the total number of cards dealt is 6 or 5. You receive a 0.54x payout for this. The “Small” bet wins when the number of cards dealt is 4. The payout for this is 1.5x.

  • 3-Card Six

    It is one of the most lucrative side bets in Baccarat as it pays a whooping 100x your bet if both the player and banker receive three cards with a value of six points. If either the player or banker receives six points from the three cards, it pays out x8 your bet.

  • Lucky bonus

    Also referred to as a Super 6 side bet, the lucky bonus bet is a winner if the banker has a hand with six points in total. It pays out 12:1 or 18:1 in some games.

Lucky/Unlucky 8

The Lucky 8 is a baccarat side bet that either the banker or player will win with 8 points. If this comes to pass, a payout of x4 bet is awarded. On the other hand, the Unlucky 8 side bet allows you to bet that either the banker or player will lose with a total of 8 points. If this comes to pass, a payout of x8 is awarded. 

Online baccarat providers

Online baccarat providers are software developers responsible for designing and creating the games you play online. Tentatively, there are over 200 game providers in the online casino industry, but not all enjoy success. Some are more established, superior in the games they develop, and more competitive than others. In Australia, not all the top providers offer their services due to certain gambling laws that limit them from operating in the country. The ones below can be found at some top baccarat online casino sites we recommend on our page. 

  • rtg

    Realtime Gaming

    Realtime Gaming can be considered one of the OGs of online casino gaming thanks to its long history in the iGaming industry. The company was founded in 1998 and was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. A decade later, HBM Group acquired it and transferred its assets to Heredia, Costa Rica. More than two decades later, you’d expect it to be a shell of its former self. On the contrary, the brand is growing from strength to strength. It continues to develop entertaining games that are of high quality.  It has a portfolio of about 200 games, which you can play across all RTG online casinos. Sadly, there are only two baccarat games you can play.

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  • betsoft


    Betsoft Gaming was founded in 2006 and has since grown to become one of the leading software providers. The company develops all sorts of games, including pokies, table, and card games. While it is known for many things, the outstanding reputation of baccarat games from Betsoft Gaming is that they are designed for mobile play. All the games are optimised for iOS, Windows, and Android devices, so you don’t have to download any software to play them.

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  • BGaming


    BGaming is a multi-faceted online casino software provider founded in 2012 but didn’t publish its first games until later in 2021. Since then, most of its games have been published across top-rated online casinos, particularly those focusing more on cryptocurrencies. The company’s main focus is on pokie production, although it does feature table games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Unfortunately, it only features one baccarat game that was developed in 2016. This provably fair casino game has an RTP of 98.76% and can be played on mobile and PC platforms. 

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  • Rival

    Rival Gaming

    A software provider that debuted at the GiGse 2006, Rival Gaming is an established company headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Like the outgoing software providers, it focuses on developing pokies, although it has a few table games. These include blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat. It only has one baccarat game, released on January 1, 2006. The game comes with low volatility and has an RTP of 98.9%. It is fully optimised for play on all devices, including smartphones, desktops, and laptops. 

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Live baccarat in Australian online casinos

Online casinos in Australia allow you to experience a different world of online casino gaming. This is where virtual casino gameplay meets real tables and professional dealers in live dealer casino games. Live baccarat in Australian online casinos ensures you can play the games on your mobile device or desktop. The games are streamed live from a brick-and-mortar casino or gaming studio using state-of-the-art technology and HD cameras. Furthermore, they are just as easy to play and follow the same rules.

Players outside of Australia have the chance to play games from top software providers such as Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, and many more. However, in AU, you are limited to playing games from LuckyStreak, Vivo Gaming, and a couple of other providers. 

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Online baccarat tips and tricks

It’s safe to assume that most baccarat players have watched action-packed James Bond films. You know, the ones where the charming 007 is seated at the casino emptying baccarat tables for cash before excusing himself to go and kill another bad guy. Reaching the same level of success as the unstoppable 007 would be too much to ask. However, there are online baccarat tips and tricks that can help you collect tidy winnings from the baccarat table and have hours of relaxing entertainment. 


Hedge your bets

One of the beauties of playing baccarat games online is that you are not restricted to the number of bets you can place in one sitting. You can decide to place multiple bets, one with a big amount and the other with a small one. Of course, you should place your big bet on the banker/player bet and hedge it with the small one on a tie bet. If the tie bet loses to the banker bet, you will have returned the amount wagered on it. Of course, such a strategy requires practice so that you know how to balance the amount you stake and get a profit from it.


Stick with the banker bet until it loses

As you play baccarat online for real money, you are looking to capitalise on streaks. So, of the three bets, the one that has a slightly better chance of forming a streak is a banker. If you notice that the banker bet is on a streak, ensure you keep betting on it. However, while at it, remember that a streak happening does not mean it will keep going. Like any other casino game, Baccarat has a house edge, and you cannot bet your way out of it. 


Skip two bets after the banker loses

So, your banker betting streak has finally come to an end. The player bet has won. The best play to make is to skip at least two bets. Wait until the banker wins – at least a few bets – before you can start wagering again. 


Avoid placing Tie bets

The tie bet in baccarat is what you’d like to refer to as the “rotten bet.” With a house edge as high as 14.4%, it becomes one of the most unattractive bets in online casinos. Just to put it into perspective so you know how bad it is, it means for every 100 units you wager, you lose 14.4 units. This makes it a total waste of time and money and should only be backed by those accustomed to playing back-a-rat in the streets. Smart players looking to make money playing baccarat should avoid it. 

Play Baccarat for free



What makes baccarat stand out from other card games is that it relies significantly on chance to determine the outcome. No strategies can influence the game’s outcome, but there are some tips you can follow that will increase your winning chances. For example, avoid a tie bet because of the high house edge. If you can, stick with the banker bet because it offers the best chance of winning in baccarat. Most importantly, understand the basic game rules. Of course, spending real money playing online casino baccarat in Australia can be costly. This is why it is recommended you first play the game in demo mode before committing any real cash.

Online baccarat FAQ

Is baccarat available in Australian online casinos?

Yes, you can play baccarat online at AU casinos. Whether you are searching for the classic version or a game with side bets, there are plenty of options for you to pick from. The games can be played in RNG or live dealer formats.

How to play baccarat online?

In the RNG format, you simply open the game, place your bet (on the player, dealer, or tie), and hit the deal button. In live format, you place the bet, and the dealer leads all the action as you wait for the outcome.

How much can I win in online baccarat?

How much you win while playing baccarat online for real money depends on the bet you have placed and the amount you've staked. The highest payout is 9:1 in some baccarat games. Side bets pay way higher.

What baccarat bet has the best odds?

If you want to improve your winning chances, you should bet on the banker. The odds for this stand at 45.86%, outdoing the player bet slightly, which has odds of 44.63%. The tie bet offers the lowest odds of 9.51%.

Can I play baccarat on a mobile device?

Yes, it is possible to play baccarat on mobile, and the best part about it is you don't have to download any software. Provided your device is internet enabled and has a mobile browser, you can play any baccarat game.