Online Blackjack for Real Money in Australia 2024

Online blackjack

Despite the birth of several new online casino games, Blackjack remains one of the most popular. Since its emergence in the 17th century, it has become one of the most exciting games for Australian punters. With its simple rules and strategies and high odds, it's easy to see why players love blackjack.

You can enjoy playing blackjack in Australian online casinos as a table game or live dealer option streamed in HD quality. Despite the several game variations that have evolved with time, the rules remain simple. Here, we explore how to play blackjack, also referred to as twenty-one, its strategy, winning odds, and more.

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How to play blackjack online

Playing blackjack online for real money is similar to playing at a brick-and-mortar casino. Players have just one aim – to get as close as possible to 21 but have a higher value than the dealer. The dealer also has the same goal. If they go over that value, they lose the game. Before we dive into how to play blackjack online, let's look at the rules of blackjack.


Join a blackjack table

Select a game from your casino where you want to play online blackjack for real money. When you are ready, the dealer deals two cards. One of these cards is dealt face down, and the other is faced up.


Choose to Hit or Stand

Add the value of your cards to decide which move is best. Face cards in this game, like Queens, Kings, and Jacks, count as 10. The ace card has two values, so it can count as 11 or one, depending on other cards. If you decide to hit, you ask the dealer for another card. As we have noted earlier, you do this when you're sure that taking another card won't cause you to bust. Once you collect a new card, you add the value to see if it is over, below, or equal to 21.

Players can also stand, asking the dealer to move on to the next player. Standing, which means you don't collect another card, is best when your card value is high.


Reveal your cards to see who is closer to 21

If the dealer has a better hand than you, he busts and wins while you lose. Similarly, you win the game if you have a better hand. The dealer (software) pays your winnings depending on how exactly you have won:

The payout ratio is 3:2 when the player gets a blackjack and beats the dealer's card. For example, if you bet AU$20, you will receive an AU$30 payout (plus your original AU$20 bet). If you defeat the dealer's hand without getting exactly 21, the pay ratio is 1:1. For instance, if you stake AU$20, you will receive another AU$20. If you and the dealer have the same value, the game is termed a push. When the dealer has a better hand than you or blackjack, you lose your original stake.

Online blackjack interface

  • Online blackjack interface
  • Online blackjack interface
  • Online blackjack interface

Player’s decisions in online blackjack


  • Hit

    Hitting means that the player adds another card to his hand. You continue this until you decide to "stand" or you bust. Collecting an extra card means that the value of your held cards is not too close to 21.

  • Stand

    Unlike hitting, players do not collect an extra card. Standing is best when your two cards are close to 21.


  • Split

    You can split your hand and double your wager if you have a pair of cards. Therefore, you're playing with two hands.


  • Double down

    This is when you match your initial bet by 100% and receive one more card. Doing this means that you're certain you have a good chance of winning.

  • Bust

    A player’s card value goes past 21.


Blackjack basic strategy

Whether you're playing table or live blackjack, the house always wins. It makes no difference what blackjack strategy you use. No matter how little, the house edge makes it impossible for the house to lose completely.

However, you can improve your odds of winning with the appropriate blackjack strategy. You can achieve optimal play by following the basic betting rule and learning how to use the information you have at your disposal. Once you know the best way to play, your chances of winning become better.

The blackjack basic strategy details how to play every hand dealt to you. One of these blackjack rules is knowing when to hit, stand, split, and double down. These moves are so critical to your gameplay as they influence what happens next.

One of the blackjack strategies popular among punters is the conservative strategy. Here, you raise your bet every time you win but return to your original stake when you lose.

Another is the Martingale strategy, which is the opposite of the conservative options. Instead of raising your bet when you win, you do so when you lose. Players must have a large bankroll to use this approach for online blackjack.

The purpose of basic strategy for blackjack isn't to help you win every time you play; it's not possible. Instead, it is to assist you in increasing your chances of winning and reducing your losses.

Online blackjack RTP

Game RTP
🔥 BetSoft Single Deck Blackjack 99.62%
✅ RTG Blackjack Perfect Pairs 99.59%
🤵 Pragmatic Play Live Blackjack 99.50%
❤️️ Pragmatic Play ONE Blackjack 99.28
💩 RTG Super 21 98.58%

Online blackjack tips

In addition to using a blackjack strategy, a few tips can maximise your winning probabilities. The following are some helpful things to keep in mind when playing:


Don't waste your money on 'insurance'.

An insurance bet is one where you wager on the dealer having a blackjack. The problem is that you lose your main bet. It is a money-sucking option and the one you should avoid.


Never skip the rules.

There are numerous blackjack versions to choose from. They all follow the same core gameplay, but they have different rules that can break you if you're not prepared. So, always go through the rules of every game before you play blackjack online. One of the best things about playing online is that the rules are always on the table or inside the Help section. If you're not sure you understand the blackjack game, click the 'info' icon and read them.


Make a budget and stick to it.

efore the first hand is dealt, experienced blackjack players know that they must set a losing and winning limit. If you win and reach your maximum bet, take your winnings and leave the table. You should do the same if you hit your loss limit.


Choose 3:2 instead of 6:5.

Different casinos have various payout rules, but not all of them are profitable. Before you start playing real money blackjack, check the payoff table and stick to games with the regular 3:2 payout.


Don't split two face cards.

This is a mistake newbies make, as they believe dividing face cards and tens will quadruple their gains. In reality, splitting face cards is never a good idea because you're trading a high chance of winning with a 20.

Winning odds in online blackjack

Understanding blackjack odds and house advantage can help you decide which sort of online blackjack is ideal for you. You'll be able to discern how to maximise your chances if you know your odds when playing online blackjack. Furthermore, you'll also notice how different aspects of the game alter the odds.

The house advantage is one aspect that influences the odds. It is expressed as a percentage and is the inverse of the payback percentage for the player. Consider a game that has a 98 payback percentage. The house edge would be 100 minus 98, which equals two. So, the lower the house advantage in online blackjack the better it is for a player.

As a rule of thumb, it's best to play games with high RTP percentages. You can find information about these titles at your online casino.

Blackjack providers in AU online casinos

If you want to enjoy the game of 21, you should play titles from the top providers in AU casinos. Let's check out the best of these developers:

  • betsoft


    Betsoft came into the online gambling industry in 1998 and is famous for producing pokies. However, it has several exciting blackjack titles in its name, most of which offer the best odds. Some of the games you would find in the best casinos in Australia include Single deck blackjack, 21 Burn blackjack, European VIP blackjack, Pirate 21, and Pontoon among others.

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  • BGaming


    BGaming is another developer that stands tall in the industry thanks to its intuitive software. Its table games might not be extensive, but they are worth your time. Some of these titles include Multihand blackjack, Blackjack Surrender, Double Exposure, and BJ Multihand Pro.

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  • Pragmatic Play

    Pragmatic Play

    Pragmatic Play only has two blackjack variants, which is played on three tables. American Blackjack (99.60% RTP) is a three-hand game with AU$1-AU$100 bet range. Multihand Blackjack looks exactly the same but features a better return.

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  • RTG


    Realtime Gaming makes its games available in instant play and a downloadable version. You can play the following online blackjack in Australia: Classic Blackjack, Face Up 21, Match Play 21, Perfect Pairs, Super 21, and Pontoon.

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Online blackjack play for free


Choosing the best blackjack online

Australian gamblers who lack experience in blackjack should run through blackjack reviews and also take a close look at some strategies contained in this website. Most online casinos come up with a nice catalogue of blackjack solutions from one or several providers (RTG, Betsoft, iSoftBet, etc.). As is said above, tables have different rules that have an impact on the player’s return and the key to more frequent winnings is to play blackjack online with a very high return. Some of the most beneficial versions are:

  • European Multi-Hand blackjack (Play’n GO) has a 99.37% return (min/max AU$1–AU$100): played with three hands at a time, Insurance option, Double Down on 9, 10 and 11 only, Dealer stands on all 17s
  • Double Exposure MH blackjack (Play’n GO), a 99.04% edge. Here blackjack pays 1 to 1 and all ties go to the dealer. However, other rules are very beneficial, e.g. dealer gets all cards faced up – this eases up a player’s decision on whether to draw another card or stand
  • Pontoon (RTG). Natural blackjack is called “pontoon” and it pays out 2 to 1. The house edge is as low as 0.38%
  • Classic blackjack (RTG), a six-deck blackjack based on the rules that are considered conventional in the broadest sense. Player may double after split; splitting only once is allowed. Dealer stands on soft 17. This version has a 99.46%, which is the highest percentage for the entire RTG suite.

Note that most blackjack games offered in our recommended casinos provide tutorials and how-to’s related to blackjack. The player can also examine reviews and strategies posted on this website.

Bitcoin users may be prone to betting BTC while playing for real money. Fortunately, there are many bitcoin casinos explored in Allaucasinosonline, many of which allow for wagering in cryptocurrency such as bitcoins.

Online blackjack with bonus bets

Most blackjack games have no side bets and the action is very straightforward: a player chooses a bet size in accordance with blackjack table limits and may ultimately win 3 to 2 (on an AU$1 wagered, you get the bet back plus AU$1.5 in winnings, totaling AU$2.5). Australian players who prefer greater profits (but certainly not the ones available in pokies), should try out blackjack with side bets. The key distinction of this subgroup of blackjack games is relatively high payouts in case the side bet wins. They are placed optionally and are added to the main bet (instead of replacing it). The most well-known related developers are RTG, WGS and Arrow’s Edge to name a few. Let’s review some typical BJ tables featuring one or more side bets.

RTG comes with 7 blackjack variations, 2 of which have side bets. Blackjack + Perfect Pairs actually boasts of three side bets: Mixed Pair awards 6 to 1; Colored Pair gives away 12 to 1; and Perfect Pair pays out 25 to 1. That implies a player will win AU$25 on every AU$1 side bet if getting dealt two cards identical in suit and rank.

Another blackjack game of this kind, Match Play 21 from RTG, has unusual payout schemes that expand player’s odds. For example, getting three suited 7s, a player is awarded 2 to 1; the same cash prize goes to the balance for getting 21 points comprised of any six cards. Finally, the highest award of 40 to 1 is granted when the player has three same-suited 7s and the dealer’s card is also a 7.

Players who want to add diversity to their stay in an online casino are encouraged to find blackjack that goes beyond paying out standard 3:2 and 1:1. In addition to being generous and fun, side bets are a unique option to break your routine and add the touch of adventure to your casino gambling experience.

Variations in dealing, and insurance bets in online blackjack

In most blackjack rules the player’s cards are both dealt face up, and the dealer’s first card is face down with the dealer’s second card face up. This gives the player the opportunity to take a guess on whether the dealer has a natural blackjack or not.

If the dealer has an Ace showing, the player (depending on that particular casino’s rules) may have the option to buy insurance. This means that if the dealer has a 10 “in the hole”/not showing, and thus a 21/blackjack/natural, the player is protected by their insurance bet, which typically is paid 2 to 1 if the dealer does in fact have a blackjack. This helps to offset the loss on the player’s original wager.

Blackjack basic strategy is easy to learn and can take a lifetime to master. It is an exciting card game and very popular in both casino and casual settings. Learning to play blackjack in an online casino is a great option because the player does not have to worry about the effect on the players around him or her (as hitting or standing can affect your neighbours’ hands as well as the dealer’s). In an online casino you can take your time, get to know the table layout, and in many casinos play with fake money while you are getting familiar with the game, all in the comfort of your own home. By reading and using our instructions and practising, you can learn the rules of blackjack in no time, and enjoy yourself while doing so.

Card counting in online blackjack

Many seasoned players use card counting to improve their winning odds by trying to memorise how many cards are left in the dealer’s shoe — and this works at some physical casinos (until they catch the player doing this). But unfortunately, card counting techniques are useless in online blackjack because the game software reshuffles the cards after each round. Given that the current virtual shoe is thus refreshed after every deal, all card counting efforts become fruitless and impossible. Sure, there is no way to prevent remote players from applying whatever counting algorithms, and you can try any, if desired, but it makes no sense. A deck penetration in online blackjack is close to zero.

Online live blackjack video stream


Blackjack will continue to remain one of the exciting games to play in an online casino. Whether you choose to play these as table or live dealer games, several variations are available to enjoy. Though it is easy to play, understanding some blackjack strategies boosts your winning chances.

When playing blackjack in Australian online casinos, be sure to select titles from the best providers. You can start by trying out some games in demo mode to grasp how to play blackjack effectively. Select the best online casino, sign up, and claim a welcome bonus if you're ready to play blackjack for real money.

Online Blackjack FAQ

⭐ Can I play blackjack online for real money?

Registered casino users can play blackjack for real money. Just ensure you have enough funds on your casino cash balance.

⭐ Are online blackjack games rigged?

Blackjack games produced by Betsoft, RTG and other famous providers that power our recommended online casinos undergo regular audit and testing by quality assurance companies to certify they are not rigged. Moreover, online casinos cannot modify blackjack software or change its payback percentages.

⭐ What RTP does online blackjack have?

Blackjack games produced by Betsoft, RTG and other famous providers that power our recommended online casinos undergo regular audit and testing by quality assurance companies to certify they are not rigged. Moreover, online casinos cannot modify blackjack software or change its payback percentages.

⭐ How much can I win in blackjack?

The amount you can win depends on how much you wagered and the game's result. For instance, if you bet AU$10 and get a blackjack, you receive a 3:2 payout. Therefore, you win AU$15 in return. There are also increased payouts in blackjack games that feature side bets.

⭐ Should I use a basic blackjack strategy?

Using a blackjack strategy boosts your winning chances. However, you must have a good understanding of the game's rules.

⭐ Where can I find the rules of blackjack?

We have provided you with a comprehensive write-up of the rules of blackjack to help you understand the game better. Also, players can find rules inside the game.

⭐ Should I always make side bets in blackjack?

In general, side bets decrease your odds of winning. However, some side bets may produce wins as high as 50 times the original bet, giving players a chance to hit a great prize.

⭐ What are the best blackjack providers?

There are many excellent software providers producing exciting blackjack titles. Top providers in this category include Betsoft, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, Amaya, Evolution, and a few others.