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Our History

This website evolved from Brad Isaac’s private blog in 2015. Brad was and is a genuine casino enthusiast and hardcore player. He created his blog back in 2010 to share his experience (and often failures) related to casinos, various strategies and other things like that.

The blog was aimed at a close group of his friends – to refresh your memory, chats and Facebook were not so popular in those days, so everyone opened blogs. But at some point, Brad realized that his blog gained distinction among many players. That is how BestAucasinos came to be in 2015.

Our Mission

Let’s be honest, the mission of every business is to generate profits. We do make money as an affiliate, and casino brands do pay us for advertising them. The point is that we do not promote scammy casino brands. Guess why. Yes, you hit it. Casino cheating players will pull a fast one on us as well.

We believe our website can provide these values to a player:

  • Hard information: it takes us much time collecting details and facts about each casino brand
  • Soft information: our casino-savvy editors write expert reviews. They give input on the reviewed casinos, and their opinions can be handy for newbies and even veterans
  • User’s Rankings: our website visitors can rate a brand on its product page, thus contributing to its ranking
  • Exclusive bonuses (now and then): some online casinos (yes, we love you too!) offer exclusive bonuses to players who sign up there through our website

Our Team experts

  • Richard B.
  • Andrew R.
  • Brad I.

Our Team authors

  • Nonso N.
  • Emma O.
  • Lisa C.
  • Syed Z.
  • Lizzie W.
  • Michael P.
  • Oliver G.

Our Contacts

Feel free to contact us anytime at: [email protected]

230, Eucharistic Congress Road, Mosta, Malta