PayPal online casinos Australia

PayPal online casinos Australia

Unfortunately PayPal is no longer available to Australian players, but you can choose from:



PayPal has been on the market for quite some time and it established itself as a reliable and fast system of online payments. PayPal is known for being very thorough and strict when it goes about payments. If a PayPal logo appears on the online casino site, this means the casino has made all necessary arrangements, and depositing and withdrawing funds with this casino using PayPal goes as smoothly as it is meant to be. Read this section and discover the opportunities that PayPal offers.


PayPal at a glance

Having started years ago as a simple e-wallet, by now PayPal is an online global service for making secure online purchases, sending money online and even getting credited. It is famous for safety and security of payments, speed of transfers and efficiency of customer care and technical support. PayPal has gone that far in terms of technology and security that nowadays you may link your bank account or a debit/credit card to your PayPal account and perform payments and money transfers without a need for entering any bank/card details; with PayPal all you need to manage your funds worldwide is your login name and password. A person or a company you are paying to will never see any details of your bank account or card, only your PayPal name.

You have to sign up with PayPal to get access to all its opportunities. Signing up is absolutely free and takes a few minutes. As soon as you are in, you will have your own PayPal account endowing you with remarkable safety, expediency and reliable services. You will have to pass a couple of fast procedures to confirm your identity, bank account and card account details. Having completed these simple steps, you may enjoy the full range of services PayPal is eager to provide.

Australian gamblers are interested whether this wonderful service is good enough to deposit and withdraw funds safely and promptly. Yes it is! PayPal proved itself as a reputable and safe tool for making money transfers. They won the trust of gamblers worldwide for depositing and also for withdrawing funds. So, safety is a settled issue in case of PayPal. It is a legitimate service operating on a global scale. There is a whole array of online casinos accepting PayPal as a payment method. You will be very pleased to see the limits for depositing and withdrawing, which are quite high.

Depositing takes no time at all or just a couple of minutes; withdrawal takes longer for security reasons and routine KYC procedures but not as long as in case of instant bank transfers. Depending on the casino, withdrawal may take hours, a business day or (quite a rare occurrence) a few business days. Fees are competitive or in some cases non-existent; online casinos usually do not charge PayPal users with any fees and offer nice and diverse welcome bonuses. For all matters relating to casino policies on PayPal users you should find relevant information on the Banking, FAQ or other web pages of the casino you are going to play in.

PayPal quick facts

✅ Name PayPal Pte. Ltd. (publuc company)
⚡ Type Online Payments System
⚖️ Incorporated Singapore
👨‍💻 Website
📅  Founded 2000
🤵 Support PayPal Help Center
💵 Market cap $78.69 Billion
💳 Deposit Yes
⚡Deposit time Instant
💰 Withdrawal Yes
⭐ Withdrawal time 1-2 hours

PayPal How-To

As soon as you created a PayPal account, you may top it up with funds from your bank account or debit/credit card. These transactions normally take seconds or days depending on the option you choose for sending funds. When you finally see the funds on your PayPal account, you are in the world of immediate payments. Enter the account in an online casino that accepts PayPal as a payment method, navigate to Deposit section and select PayPal. Choose the amount and currency; if it happens that the currency of your PayPal account and your casino account differs, the conversion will be carried out in the process and you will have to pay a small conversion fee. The funds arrive to your casino account almost instantaneously and you can use them for betting.

PayPal has the right to apply a commission and deduct it from the amount you transfer to the online casino, depending on the casino’s location and local regulations of your country of residence. The fee size depends on several factors and it is strongly advisable to consult a Fee section of the PayPal website or ask this question to PayPal’s Customer Care which is recognized by gamblers worldwide as superb in terms of expediency and troubleshooting. Your casino Customer Support will also be glad to assist you with all matters related to your PayPal deposit and cashout.

When it comes to withdrawal, casino players have to undergo a normal security check. Online casinos and PayPal work hard to ensure safety of your data, account and funds. No means are spared to protect your account and identity from being stolen, cloned, copied, used or otherwise compromised. This is why it will take a few hours or a business day (or sometimes a few business days) to complete the withdrawal transaction. You should make a few steps required by any online casino: navigate to the Banking (Withdrawal) section, choose PayPal, amount and currency, and enter your PayPal login name and password. There rest is taken care of by the casino and PayPal. There is a fee charged by PayPal for its services and if conversion of currencies is involved a conversion fee applies again. It is not much but still you will have to pay. When your winnings arrive on your PayPal account, you are free to send them further to your bank or card account or use the money for online purchases or depositing with other online casinos that accept PayPal as a method of payment.

Sometimes the rules of PayPal look too complex to understand and while it is clear how to perform transactions it is not as clear how much it costs and what final amount you are going to have in your account after the transaction is completed. In case of any question or doubt, do not hesitate to disturb the customer care – it is there for you 24/7.

PayPal pros and cons

As any coin in this world, PayPal has two sides, one is bright and the other is also bright but the color is a bit different. So, there are huge advantages of safety and security of transactions recognized by gamblers and even PayPal’s competitors. PayPal is accepted as a method of payments by many trusted online casinos which offer it as an option for depositing and withdrawing of funds. PayPal is good for any Australian with a passion for gambling including high rollers because its limits on one-time and daily transactions are fairly high. It is also good in terms of topping up PayPal account with funds and extremely good in terms of speed: it takes a few moments to load your online casino account with funds. Note that PayPal developed a great app so you are able to enjoy a full range of its excellent services via mobile.

The other side of this wonderful coin called PayPal is fees: they are competitive and non-applicable in many but the table of fees is very diverse. It might be a challenging task to figure out which fee applies to a specific transaction and this is where the customer care comes into play. In contrast to depositing, withdrawals take longer although not as long as in case of bank transfers. This is the side effect of security checks.

To sum up, PayPal is a safe, reliable and affordable payment method advisable for Australian gamblers looking for safety, expedience, excellent customer support, affordable fees and increased limits on transactions. Whenever you see a PayPal logo on an online casino site, you may be sure that this method of payment is accepted in that online casino.

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