Ukash online casinos Australia

Ukash online casinos Australia

Unfortunately Ukash is no longer available to Australian players, but you can choose from:

Since the beginning of online gambling it has gone a long way and evolved into a huge industry. One of its most tempting features is its ever growing capacity to create life-like experiences. These are as good as those gained in brick and mortar casinos and sometimes even surpassing the latter in terms of excitement and entertainment due to vast and inexhaustible opportunities of information technologies. If online casinos recommended by AUCasinosOnline for Australian gamblers are as close as possible to their land-based counterparts, Ukash is as close to conventional cash as possible. It is, in fact, cash of the Internet era; the only difference between traditional means of payment and Ukash is that you may use it in your most cherished online casinos.

Ukash: Better than cash

Ukash is a payment method that resembles the system developed by Paysafecard and is well known as a prepaid card, or PIN. In essence, it is a voucher with a 19-digit unique code. All you need is to find the nearest Ukash voucher outlet or an online point of sale and exchange your money for up to 5 codes at the total amount equivalent to EUR 750. Do not worry about currency exchange fees: there are no fees because vouchers are issued in dozens of currencies including AUD. Codes are served on paper strips or in the form of encrypted electronic messages. This is an extremely safe and reliable financial tool as soon as there are no loopholes through which anyone could access your Ukash account or anything related to your Ukash details – there is no personal account, e-wallet or any other data base that could be compromised or hacked. A 19-digit code in your possession is all you have, and as long as you do not disclose this number to anyone who is looking over your shoulder or asking about your codes by e-mail, it is a total secret and you are the only person in the world who knows and may use your codes. That is why Ukash warns its users to manage 19-digit vouchers as carefully as they manage their cash because it is as good as cash yet better. With a Ukash voucher you may deposit funds with an online casino accepting Ukash as a payment method. When it comes to depositing funds with an online casino that accepts Ukash, all you have to do is register or log in into the online casino of your choice, go to the Deposit page, select Ukash as a payment option, specify the amount and currency and complete the transaction by entering your 19-digit code. The funds are transferred to your account immediately and you may use them for betting immediately. As you can see from the above, the system is simple, reliable and fool-proof. Of course, when it comes to withdrawal, Ukash has some limitations that arise from the very nature of voucher cards. There is no bank account or e-wallet to withdraw the funds to! Still you do not have to worry of how to get your money back from the casino because gambling sites accepting Ukash allow withdrawals to bank accounts or cards like Visa or MasterCard. In this case, you have to provide your bank or card details to complete the transaction and get your winnings out of the online casino. While purchasing Ukash vouchers and depositing is totally free, withdrawing your winnings may incur certain costs charged to by the payment method you have selected. In view of all the savings you enjoy at purchase and no currency exchange fees, Ukash is an affordable and safe payment method. Due to high market demand, Ukash offers an advanced level of service to stay on the competitive edge. Users of 19-digit codes who appreciate safety and lightning fast money transfers are provided with the opportunity to create accounts with Ukash. In addition to originally offered services, signing with Ukash opens new opportunities like dividing and uniting vouchers, sending money and exchanging currencies. This new level of service spares no safety measures – it is as safe as the best e-wallets available on the global financial market. Ukash is right there at your disposal 24/7, with the complete range of services and impeccable customer care. It is also available as an app for your iOS or Android mobile devices.

Pros and cons

The undisputed advantage of Ukash is safety. It is also practically free of charge (save for those fees charged by other options you have to use in some cases, for example, when you want to withdraw money from the online casino). Depositing funds with Ukash takes no time at all, it is very simple and user friendly. The system along with all its services, customer care and perks (yep, there are perks and bonuses) is accessible 24/7 on a desktop PC or mobile devices. Purchase and transaction limits on Ukash vouchers are quite liberal, they are higher than those established by some other payment operators but still they are not too high, and that is why this method is not very convenient for those gamblers who like big-sized bets. If you are a high roller, you should consider other options like instant bank transfers or payments with Visa or MasterCard credit/debit cards that allow massive deposits and withdrawal of funds. Find the complete description of these payment methods in respective sections of this website and enjoy smooth and trouble-free banking with your preferred methods and your favorite gambling destinations. A disadvantage is the necessity to use other payment options for withdrawing funds from online casinos. If you have not signed up with Ukash, you are unable to manage your vouchers except for using them to deposit funds to Ukash online casinos and make online purchases. If you lose or forget your code, there is no way to restore it because they are unique and exist only on your paper strip or PC/mobile (unless you sign up with Ukash). Ukash as a payment method for online casinos is not as widespread as Visa, MasterCard or bank transfers. Ukash vouchers are time-limited and expire in 12 month after purchase; no refund or replacement is possible. Ukash is a payment method which is excellent for Australian gamblers in terms of safety, simplicity and promptness, ensures wonderful customer care, incurs almost no fees and offers lucrative bonuses. While it is not particularly fit for high rollers and requires the assistance of other payment methods when it comes to cashing out, it is well-adapted and friendly for gamblers. Do not forget to check online casino sites for bonuses and incentives: usually they have something nice for Ukash users.
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