Neteller online casinos Australia

Neteller online casinos Australia

Unfortunately Neteller is no longer available to Australian players, but you can choose from:



If you have ever encountered a necessity to perform international money transfers, you may be aware of hassle, considerable delays and high processing fees in land-based banks. With Neteller, a global money transfer service, you are free from all of these. Neteller is a convenient addition to immense opportunities and comfort of online gambling. Moreover, with Neteller you have full round the clock access to your funds, be that fiat money or cryptocurrency, and it is absolutely free for depositing money into an online casino that accepts Australian gamblers.


Quick outlook on Neteller

Neteller is an e-wallet featuring instantaneous transfers worldwide with which you may send, receive, convert and withdraw fiat money and cryptocurrencies at competitive rates and hassle-free. As any e-wallet, it is a sort of your own bank that services your account only and allows you unprecedented freedom to decide when and where to send your funds to and how to manage them. One of the prominent features besides its acknowledged and undisputed safety is multiplicity of options for topping up a Neteller account.

To gain access to benefits, advantages and rewards, you have to sign up with Neteller and create an account using your PC, or download an application and install it on your mobile iOS/Android device. Registration is free and requires provision of a few personal details. This personal info is needed for safety reasons. Once you confirm your identity, you will enjoy the most advanced software and hardware protection of your data and funds. Neteller is duly registered and licensed by the Government of the United Kingdom to perform its services and employs the most advanced security system available in the industry. It seems that Neteller is specially meant for gamblers; just log in to and find the Exclusive Offers page that lists all available bonuses and awards. So, from a perspective of a gambler residing in Australia, Neteller is a bullet-fast method for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Neteller quick facts

✅ Name Paysafe Group Plc
⚡ Type eWallet
⚖️ Incorporated UK
👨‍💻 Website
📅  Founded 1999
🤵 Support Form on website
💳 Deposit Yes
⚡Deposit time Instant
💰 Withdrawal Yes
⭐ Withdrawal time 1-2 hours

Neteller as an easy way of managing your funds

Upon creating a Neteller account and having your email address verified, you may select one of dozens ways of adding money to your Neteller account. There is a great variety of options for topping up your Neteller account. The matter is that banking establishments, online casinos and payment providers like Neteller operate all across the globe that still comprises dozens of jurisdictions the regulations of which differ a lot. That is why it is hard to invent a universal solution for money transfers and that is why you need Neteller: it allows topping up an account by dint of dozens of options including Visa, bank transfers, Internet banking, e-wallets and digital currencies.

Follow the instructions posted on Neteller official site to link your Neteller account to one or several options of your choice, and top it up with the amount you would like to spend for betting. There is an upload charge, currently 2.5% applied to all options. To cut the costs, select AUD as your currency. Neteller supports AUD transactions so you will not be charged for foreign exchange.

Depending on the option for replenishing a Neteller account, the funds arrive instantly (or in a matter of a few business days, in some rare situations). As soon as the funds appear on the Neteller account, you are in the domain of the fastest money transfers available. Read casino reviews published on AUCasinosOnline, select the destination that accepts Neteller and create a casino account. Then you should pick Neteller as a payment option and choose the deposited amount and currency (AUD). The transaction is confirmed by entering your email address or Account ID/Secure ID/Authentication Code. The Authentication Code is provided on signing up with Neteller, and a Secure ID is given by Neteller upon completion of the two-step authentication. In an instant your funds appear on your online casino account. This is free unless the casino itself applies any fees to deposit transactions.

Withdrawals are made according to the policies and rules of an online casino you are gambling in, so it is advisable to check this before starting a transaction. Neteller is a well-established payment method with excellent reputation among gamblers and it is committed to provide clients with the best possible service. Still the casinos whose withdrawal rules including limits and fees are beyond Neteller’s control. Go to the Banking (Withdrawal) section of the online casino and select Neteller, specify the amount and currency, and pass the authentication procedure. In a matter of hours (up to 24 hours, check it with casino’s Customer Support) an online casino performs all necessary KYC actions and releases your funds which immediately appear on your Neteller account.

The Neteller funds are at your disposal. You may withdraw them to your bank or card account, spend in online shopping or send it to someone. There are fees applicable to some transactions so check them in the Fees section of the Neteller website.

Levels of service

There are certain limits imposed on transactions with Neteller, including transfers and withdrawals. The service has done its best to extend the limits and meet the needs of gamblers with diverse habits, including high rollers. There are 5 levels of services, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, each featuring a different set of functions, fees, rewards and limits. The higher the level the bigger the limits on sending and withdrawal are established; for example, for Bronze level, transfers to a merchant cannot exceed USD 10,000 a year, while in case of the Diamond level the limit is pushed up to 2 million dollars.

Higher levels of service also imply flexible limits on transactions meaning the longer you have been Neteller’s client, the higher limits apply to your online casino transactions. Check the limits on the VIP page of the Neteller website and select the level that suits you best.

The Customer Care operates 24/7 via Live Chat and over the phone, it is efficient and service-minded and is always ready to support you in case of any issue. Higher levels of service starting from Gold are entitled to Dedicated VIP Managers. Besides, there is a vast array of perks, promotions and rewards offered to users by Neteller, including bonuses in online casinos that accept Neteller as a payment method. The system of rewards is so diverse and attractive that it is one of the strongest reasons of why you should look for a Neteller logo on a casino site.

Advantages and drawbacks

Neteller is a 100% safe method of payment, this is confirmed and ensured by independent auditing companies, legal regulations and stringent industry standards. It offers an unprecedented number of ways for topping up accounts and this makes Neteller a top-tiered provider of financial services in the gambling industry.

Withdrawals from online casinos are allowed. They take some time but go as smoothly and safely as possible and you may further withdraw the money from Neteller to a bank account. If you use Skrill, an affiliate service of Neteller, it is free of any charge. Neteller is also one of few options designed for high rollers: its limits on transactions are among the highest in the industry so your gambling preferences will not be restricted. Neteller’s Customer Support is always ready to assist and any issue will be solved efficiently and quickly. The last but not the least, there are numerous perks and bonuses for gamblers who use Neteller.

Be aware of fees that Neteller charges on top-up, withdrawals and currency exchange. There is also an administrative fee for maintenance of accounts inactive for 12 months in a row. If you make at least one transaction a year with Neteller, you are saved from paying that fee. All fees are transparent and are always on display in the Fees section of Neteller’s website, it is strongly advisable to check this section prior to any transaction to ensure that the outcome is exactly what you expect.

To sum up, Neteller is a great opportunity for Australian gamblers exploring cutting-edge tools and methods and looking for high-tech solutions that give the most wanted security, safety, privacy, promptness and comfort. It is certainly a good solution for high rollers and as such is recommended by AUCasinosOnline. At the same time it is a flexible instrument with transparent charges capable of meeting preferences of any gambler. Besides, it perfectly fits your daily needs beyond gambling; should you need to send money to your family or make an online purchase, Neteller is 24/7 at your disposal.

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