Australian Entropay online casinos

Australian Entropay online casinos

Unfortunately Entropay is no longer available to Australian players, but you can choose from:

If you are aware of the benefits and advantages of using Visa card you may be asking yourself if there is a payment method for gambling which is as good as Visa card is for daily life. The answer is definitely ‘yes’. There is such a service and its name is Entropay. It is a service based in the United Kingdom and licensed to issue electronic money and support transactions with them. This implies massive and extensive security measures including robust encryption of all communications between clients, Entropay and merchants. It resembles typical e-wallets but Entropay is not an e-wallet. What is it? Read the review and discover the benefits and advantages of Entropay.

Entropay in a nutshell

Entropay is a virtual prepaid Visa card. Besides all connotations behind the word Visa, it also means that whenever Visa is accepted as a payment method, Entropay is accepted too and is ready to serve an Australian gambler in his operations with an online casino that accepts Entropay. A reasonable question arises of why you cannot use a Visa card instead of an additional service? The matter is that Entropay has three distinctive beneficial features that Visa lacks (at least, from a gambler’s point of view):
  1. Entropay issues virtual Visa cards which are as good as a plastic Visa itself but the former is not associated with any credit check and other hassle which is typical of brick-and-mortar banks. As soon as you complete online registration with Entropay and request your virtual Visa, it is issued in a matter of seconds.
  2. Entropay issues prepaid cards which allow you to spend exactly what you deposit and not a single penny more; in a way, it keeps you on the safe side of gambling and prevents you from overspending.
  3. Entropay is a dense and non-penetrable vail guarding your expenses. When you top up your Entropay card with funds, the Entropay name will not be reflected in your financial bank statements and other related documents. Whatever you do with your funds using your Entropay card is kept strictly confidential. What’s more, Entropay is a virtual card and as such it cannot be lost or stolen. All that, along with long-lasting respect and reputation that Entropay gained among gamblers, make this payment method a must-try option for a dedicated Australian gambler.

Entropay: how to and how much

The first step is signing up with the service via its official website Signing up is absolutely free and takes just a few seconds. Take care to write down and store in a secure place your password: it is unknown and invisible to Entropay personnel, starting from the last sweeper and ending up with CEOs. Upon registration you will be asked to enter your personal and postal details. As soon as you specify all required information and request the issue of a virtual prepaid Entropay card, it will appear on the screen. There it is, your virtual Visa which is accessible online 24/7 via PC or mobile, is welcome everywhere where Visa is accepted, and is extremely secure. The next step is topping up your Entropay Visa with funds. There are several options including your conventional Visa card, other Entropay card or a bank account. This transaction incurs a fee depending on the option you have chosen. Fees charged by Entropay are affordable and competitive yet you should know there are no flat rates. You should always consult the Terms & Conditions and Fees & Limits sections on the Entropay website prior to any transaction because the terms and conditions may change from time to time without prior notice. As of writing, topping up an Entropay account from your debit or credit card costs 4.95% of the amount transacted, replenishing an Entropay account from a bank account will cost you 1.95%, and money transfers between two Entropay cards cost USD 0.2. As soon as funds appear on your Entropay account, you may select an online casino accepting Entropay as a payment method, make a deposit and start gambling. Depositing funds with Entropay is similar to any online purchase with your conventional plastic Visa. Log in (or register) with the online casino and navigate to a Deposit section. Check out if it accepts Entropay and select it as a payment method. Define the amount and currency and press OK, Continue or a similar button. Here you have to enter details of your Entropay card just like you would do with a plastic Visa: a 16-digit number, expiry date and CVC/CVV code. The funds arrive in an instant and are available for betting immediately. This transaction incurs no cost or fees. If Lady Luck is nice to you and you would like to have your winnings withdrawn from an online casino, you are welcome to use your Entropay card again. Log in into your online casino account and check if its policy provides for Entropay as a withdrawal method, which it most probably does. Navigate to the Banking (Withdrawal) section, select Entropay as a payment method, decide on the amount and currency and provide necessary details of your Entropay card. This transaction usually incurs a fee of 1.95% and is completed in several hours after routine security checks performed by the online casino. There is also an aspect that would be sensitive for gamblers, and it relates to deposit/cashout limits. Entropay is probably not the first option for high rollers. You may top up your Entropay account with up to USD 2,000 in a single transaction and up to USD 20,000 a month. There are also limits on transactions between Entropay cards and bank accounts, so you should always consult Fees & Limits section of the Entropay site prior to any transaction or contact the Helpdesk. The Helpdesk is available 24/7 online and is inaccessible by other means. In fact it is not a problem in any sense as soon as the customer care service is extremely efficient and helpful.

Pros and cons

Being an expedient and safe payment method, Entropay offers considerable advantages for Australian gamblers. It is a Visa card of virtual, instant and hassle-free issue: you sign up, submit your details, request a card and you become a virtual Visa card holder in a matter of seconds. No delays, no credit checks, no queues, no fees. Entropay is accepted online in all gambling venues where Visa is accepted. Being a prepaid card, it allows you for controlling your bankroll in a less intrusive way: you allocate funds for gambling before you have actually gone gambling and use only the funds you have added to the Entropay card. This also means that no dull procedures interfere with your favorite entertainment and your bank account or a credit/ debit card is kept intact and safe. Entropay allows instant depositing and withdrawal of funds with all online casinos accepting Entropay as a payment method. Be aware that some fees apply to deposit and cashout transactions. Besides usual transaction costs described above, gamblers from Australia are most probably going to incur a foreign exchange fee as soon as Entropay offers its services in EUR, USD and GPB, not AUD. This option is worth considering as valid and viable because of its link with Visa. Due to this fact, Entropay established itself as omnipresent as Visa. So, if you locate an Entropay logo on an online casino site, you can confidently avail yourself of this great option.
Oliver G. Written & published: 11.04.2017 By author Oliver G.
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